Hepatitis B Treatment Pack

Are you a carrier of hepatitis B, feeling distraught, tired with pain all over your body, nauseous, depressed? Several patients have experienced all of these symptoms.
You learn that you are a chronic carrier. For years you have suffered, gone through difficult trials, watched your body weaken. You hear nothing more than fatal words: cirrhosis, liver cancer, jaundice. We can tell you with confidence that you have come to the right place. No more products that never end. Our treatment against hepatitis B and C has already proven its worth in several patients.

The natural treatment we have is to definitely cure patients who are suffering from hepatitis b or c. Our natural remedy consists of herbs, roots and plants which act and kills the virus responsible for this disease. It has all the necessary antioxydants to maintain the liver in a healthy state.

Hepatitis A.

First, it is the least serious of viral hepatitis. Usually, the body fights it in a few weeks and remains immune for life. This means that antibodies to the virus are present, but that the virus itself is no longer there. The hepatitis A virus is spread through the ingestion of contaminated food or water. But it can also be present in the stool of an infected person and contaminate the food, water, or hands of another person. Raw or undercooked foods are the most likely to spread the infection. However, the virus is also transmitted through seafood harvested in areas where untreated sewage is discharged. The risk of transmission is therefore great in countries where hygienic conditions are poor. A vaccine helps protect against it.

Hepatitis B. 

It is the most common type of hepatitis in the world, and also the most deadly. The hepatitis B virus is transmitted during sexual intercourse (sperm and other body fluids) and through the blood. It is 50 to 100 times more infectious than the AIDS virus. Exchanging contaminated syringes can cause transmission. But the vast majority of infected people manage to completely fight the infection. However, around 5% remain chronically infected and are said to be “carriers” of the virus. Carriers have no symptoms but are at risk of cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer, which is life-threatening diseases. A surrogate mother can transmit the virus to her child during childbirth. A vaccine has been offered since 1982.

Hepatitis C. 

It is a very resistant virus. Up to 80% of hepatitis C virus infections become chronic. The identification of the latter is relatively recent: it dates from 1989. However, the virus is most often transmitted by direct contact with contaminated human blood. Most of the time by exchanging syringes for injecting drugs, transfusion of blood that has not been screened, and re-using non-sterile needles and syringes. More rarely, it contracts during unprotected sex with infected people, especially if blood is exchanged (menstruation, injuries in the genital or anal tract). It is also the leading cause of liver transplantation. There is no vaccine to protect against it. Women of childbearing age with hepatitis C virus (HCV) are more likely to miscarry, suffer from infertility, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia.

Hepatitis, If not treated in time or poorly treated is likely to lead to very serious complications.

Chronic hepatitis

This is the most common complication. Hepatitis is chronic if it lasts at least 6 months. However, in 75% of cases, it is the consequence of hepatitis B or C. But when properly treated, chronic hepatitis usually disappears within a year to 3 years.


Cirrhosis is excessive production of “scars” in the liver. The causes of Cirrhosis are repeated attacks (by toxins, viruses, etc.). However, these “fibrous barriers” end up hampering the free circulation of blood in the organ. If the treatment does not act fully or if it is poorly followed, overall 20% to 25% of chronic hepatitis progresses to cirrhosis.

Liver cancer. 

It is the ultimate complication of cirrhosis. However, liver cancer sometimes results from cancer present in another organ that spreads to the liver through metastases.
Fulminant hepatitis. Very rare, fulminant hepatitis is characterized by a major insufficiency of the liver, which can no longer fulfill its functions. Massive destruction of liver tissue occurs and an organ transplant is required. It occurs mostly in people with hepatitis B or toxic hepatitis. But it is fatal in 25% of cases.

Hepatitis B Symptoms
Short-term (acute) hepatitis B infection doesn’t always cause symptoms. For instance, it’s uncommon for children younger than 5 to have symptoms if they’re infected.
If you do have symptoms, they may include:
  • Jaundice (Your skin or the whites of the eyes turn yellow, and your pee turns brown or orange.)
  • Light-colored poop
  • Fever
  • Fatigue that persists for weeks or months
  • Stomach trouble like loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting
  • Belly pain
  • Joint pain

Symptoms may not show up until 1 to 6 months after you catch the virus. You might not feel anything. About a third of the people who have this disease don’t. They find out only through a blood test.


In addition to being ineffective, these antiviral drugs can have side effects such as: anemia, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, irritability, impaired lung function, pancreatic diabetes, etc. Unlike our natural treatment which is plant-based and attacks the virus directly. So, at the end of your treatment, the virus will disappear completely. Trust us! With the help of our natural remedy, is our secret to cure hepatitis A, B and C.

The natural cure for hepatitis B, likewise hepatitis C is made of herbs and plants which has proven its efficiency by curing many patients.

Our natural remedy also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help in the treatment and prevention of liver problems. It is, therefore, the best natural remedy to cure hepatitis B and C. It also gives the antioxidants that help maintain overall liver health. In other words, it helps the body fight viral infections and cleanse the liver. It is a quick fix for curing hepatitis B or C.

The use of natural plants very often gives excellent positive results and helps to cure hepatitis B like C. This also gives the advantage of overcoming the disease in the long term instead of just preventing the symptoms.

Our goal is to ensure is your heal completely of this disease and live a free life. The secret to our herbal treatment is all found in what mother nature has bequeathed to us, in which we found the right remedy to attack this disease. You have just knocked at the right and we would be glad to help you get cured!!!

Benefits of our natural treatment

Natural Hepatitis B Treatment also provides antioxidants that help maintain the overall health of the liver. Simply put, it helps the body fight viral infections and cleanse the liver. It is the miracle solution to cure hepatitis B or C.

The use of natural remedy very often gives excellent positive results and allows a cure for hepatitis B like C. It also gives the advantage of beating the disease in the long term instead of just preventing the symptoms.

Our herbal care have no side effects, either on the body or on health. Our treatment is therefore not dangerous. This natural remedy is a secret to cure your hepatitis without side effects.

These products provide nutritional support to the liver cells. Aids quick regeneration and recovery of the liver. Liver cells have unique quick regenerative abilities when this nutritional support is available.
It provides the liver with the nutrients it needs to regenerate and function optimally. Nourishes the liver. It is a very powerful agent for detoxification and regeneration of the cells of the liver, kidney, lungs, and organs of the circulatory system.
With the scientific proof and detailed research, supported by confirmed laboratory investigation are abroad, the HEP B RELIEF Pack is really carefully designed to provide all and allows to clear the virus from the entire system.

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