Health Care

Tips For Healthy and Active Life

  • 1. Regular exercise: Move regularly, even climbing stairs and walking among them. Day with 30 minutes of exercise you keep going!

  • 2. Balanced diet: Think, that your diet supplys sufficiently vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, trace elements, amino acids and enzymes.

  • 3. Sufficient liquid: Take enough fluid during your sporting activities, eg. FOREVER ALOE VERA GEL .

  • 4. Get enough sleep: Who is active during the day, must allow his body adequate rest at night to regenerate.

  • 5. Active brain: Keep your brain continuously active. Regular reading, listening to music or playing an instrument, take natural supplement has a positive effect on brain power. Eg FOREVER ARCTIC SEA

  • 6. Less stress: Avoid physical and mental stress.

  • 7. More relaxation: Enjoy a little relaxation in between it. A spa bathroom with FOREVER Aroma Spa Collection or a yoga exercise, you do it again fit for everyday life.

    More well-being: The power of Aloe Vera for your daily wellbeing.

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