Forever Sun Lips

Forever Sun Lips keep your lips soft and lean in all weathers, smells fresh and fresh and provides a pleasant feeling. With skin care, among others, the aloe vera and softening jojoba oil.

It’s a product for everyone. Forever Sun Lips is a must for the summer season and ski holidays, but it works just as well every day because it protects your lips from UVA and UVB rays. The pleasant scent of mint appeals to most women and men.

Sun protection for lips

Most of us know how important it is to have sunscreen on your face to keep your skin in shape. Yet many forget that lips can also be burned by the sun. Forever Sun Lips includes a cocktail of sun protection ingredients specifically designed to protect your lips against UVA and UVB rays.

Soothing, protective and refreshing

Forever Sun Lips also contains a balanced combination of ingredients that makes your lips soft and supple and protects them from the elements, wind and sun, of course. Aloe vera, soybean oil, jojoba oil and the carnauba wax have softening properties for the skin. Beeswax and allantoin help protect the skin in all weathers. Forever Sun Lips also contains menthol which, in addition to contributing to its good fragrance, cleanses and soothes the skin. And its convenient packaging allows you to always have it in your pocket.

Main components of Forever Sun lips

Aloe vera, UV filters, plant oils, vegetable waxes.


Apply thoroughly before putting yourself in the sun or just when your lips are dry. Repeat if necessary or every two hours in case of swimming.

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