Forever R3 Factor

Forever R3 Factor

Retain skin moisture, Restore flexibility and Renew grain (R3)

The perfect cream for skin a little thicker. R3 Factor removes dead cells from the skin’s surface and restores balance and elasticity as well as moisture in the skin. With Aloe Vera, AHA acids, vitamin A, C and E and collagen.

R3 Factor is an excellent product for women and men with slightly rougher skin who want to regain the feeling of soft, smooth skin. Also suitable for temporary use when needed on dry, dull and lifeless skin.

Refresh your skin

The Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA acids) come from the plant kingdom and are also called fruiting acids. R3 Factor contains several different fruit acids that together remove dead skin cells by dissolving the remaining substances. When these disappear, the refreshing of healthy cells prepares the skin and facilitates the absorption of creams for the skin.

Use regularly for best results

This process takes 21-28 days, so to get the full effect of R3 Factor, you must use the product regularly for the corresponding time. Fruity acids can irritate the skin, but this risk is minimized in our product because R3 Factor also contains many caring, moisturizing and soothing ingredients.

Take care, protect and strengthen

R3 Factor contains a lot of skin care ingredients, including our own Aloe Vera and vitamins A, C and E. White tea extract strengthens and protects the skin. With squalane, your skin becomes soft, while sugarcane and collagen moisturize and nourish your skin. The result is an effective cream that restores the hydration / fat balance, softness and flexibility of the skin.

Main components of Forever R3 Factor

34.84 % of aloe vera gel.

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