Forever Hand Sanitizer

Forever Hand Sanitizer

An impeccable hand hygiene without water!

You want to better protect your health and your family at all times, but remember that the most rewarding enemies are the ones you can not see.

You are an extremely active family, ready to make many contacts … with many people, but also with a multitude of microbes!

This product contains stabilized aloe vera gel soothing and moisturizing honey to cleanse, disinfect, soften and moisturize the skin. Not to mention the pleasant smell of lemon and lavender, which is really delicious!

The bottle contains about 60 ml of product and is perfect to be carried anywhere, anytime!

Let’s say things by name! Being so active, there is not much you can do to avoid potential microbial contacts, but anyone can quickly and safely escape microbes using Forever Hand Sanitizer.

Use Forever Hand Sanitizer and everything will be fine!

Fresh and hydrating hands disinfection

Do not let anything stop you from living the world fully. With Forever Hand Sanitizer in the bag, you always have a fresh disinfection handy. And you will not have to bring back unwanted bacteria to your home.

For whom?

For globetrotters and toddlers, retirees and active people – and all the others. Forever Hand Sanitizer is really a product for anyone who wants to keep unwanted bacteria at bay. Suitable for adults and children.

Confortable et efficace

Forever Hand Sanitizer is a gentle hand sanitizer with ethanol, effective against bacteria and colds. He carefully cleans your hands at home and at work, as well as during the trip, without drying out. Forever Hand Sanitizer is suitable for adults and children. And thanks to its small smooth bottle, you can always have it at hand.

With benevolent ingredients

To not dry out your skin, Forever Hand Sanitizer contains several ingredients that preserve moisture: honey , glycerine and our own Aloe Vera , of course. With vitamin E,
Aloe Vera and honey protect your skin, while glycerin contributes to its protective properties.

Fresh perfume in a nice packaging

Instead of feeling alcohol like a lot of similar products, Forever Hand Sanitizer smell of lemon and lavender. And the little smooth bottle allows you to always have it with you.

Forever Main Hand Cleaner Components

Aloe Vera, honey, rubbing alcohol, glycerin.

How To Use Forever Hand Sanitizer

Always at your fingertips, drop several times a day – by going out and leaving the toilet, before going to the table or nibble, out of public transport, … – a small drop (very economical) of Forever Hand Sanitizer

Wet your hands thoroughly with Forever Hand Sanitizer, then rub them vigorously until the product is completely evaporated.

NOTE: The product will be used strictly for external use, The product must be kept away from fire or flames as it is flammable, Do not apply the product on or near the eye; in case of accidental contact, rinse eyes with water, Avoid contact with damaged skin.

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