Forever Bright Toothgel In Ghana

Forever Bright toothpaste is perfect for anyone who is curious to try a fluoride-free toothpaste. Recommended especially for those who have sensitive gums.

Advanced teeth cleaning power for the whole family

• For a fresh and clean feeling • Fluoride-free • Refreshing natural mint flavor • Vegetarian friendly • Gluten free

Forever Bright toothpaste contains only the finest quality ingredients for adults and children. It can also be used by vegetarians because it does not contain animal ingredients apart from propolis.

The combination of stabilized aloe vera gel and propolis has soothing properties on the gums and mucous membranes, and the product can be applied independently if the brush is painful. The natural aroma of mint gives a pleasant taste and a feeling of freshness.

After years of collaboration with university and clinical dental centers, Forever Living has developed the optimal formula for effective cleaning of the oral cavity. The result is an aloe-based formula that keeps the breath fresh and whitens teeth without abrasive bleaches. The whole family will appreciate the natural flavor of mint and the freshness of the mouthfeel.

Benefits of forever bright toothgel

  • Fights plaque
  • Good source, for tooth whitening
  • Eliminates mouth odour
  • Gives you fresher breath
  • Antibacteria action soothes mouth and gums


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